Wednesday, June 25, 2008

landing a house

I feel like Dorothy. I have a house, I'm just waiting for a place to land it. LOL The deal with the house and the lot fell thru so we found another house that we qualify for the loan and we'll rent a lot... somewhere.

I expect to be on the road three more days this week. Monday was the trip to find the house and then thursday, friday and saturday will likely be spent setting up the money situation. I'm hoping I can get away with just thursday and friday on the road but with the way things have been going it probably won't work out that way.

This part of the year I call insomnia season so I haven't gotten a whole lot quilt wise done. Well, between the insomnia and running back and forth to Oklahoma.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

a cool giveaway contest! is having a contest to give away quilting! She'll quilt a quilt up to twin size if you guess the right colorway she's using.

go, go, go

I've been gone quite a few days over the past week or so. We went to Guymon Oklahoma last week so my hubby could do his physical for a new job and so we could house hunt. That was thursday and friday. Then saturday and sunday we ran over to Lamar Colorado to my family reunion. Hubby started orientation at his new job monday so I've had the house to myself for a day so far.

We didn't find anything at all to rent. Not even something that would do in a pinch until something better opened up! We zagged and filled out an application for a loan on a mobile home! At least it would be clean and new and we would own the lot too.

Today I'm going to get some work done on two of the quilt projects in progress. I picked up three more of the Butterfly Kisses BOM saturday so I'll cut those pieces and cut the Decadent Victorian pieces too and maybe I can get the blocks made tomorrow.

Last wednesday I made two pillow tops for the family reunion craft sale. I forgot to take pics though!! We have the craft sale to raise funds to rent the shelter and provide the meat for the next year. The pillow tops raised $20 each.