Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I finally got the binding done on the guild's opportunity quilt. Now I can move on to other things. I have 4 more monster block wall hangings to get done. 3 of them are ready to fuse the monsters onto the background and put together with sashing and borders. I need to trace the monsters and fuse and cut them out still for the 4th one. Then I'll quilt all four of them.

I got thread to go with my grandson's quilt yesterday so I'll get the backing made and get it layered and basted and quilted soon. Once I get it basted it won't take long to quilt since I'll just do straight line diagonal quilting on it. Pics to follow of course.

I finally found quilt journals at a reasonable price so I can start keeping track of all the ones I make.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

stinky quilt

I finished the binding on a quilt for my guild last night. I don't think I have ever been so happy to finish a binding!! The quilt actually has 8 corners plus it smelled funky. You know that funky musty smell fabric can get after 15 or 20 years, yeah, that smell. It's going in the washer this morning. There's just no way we're going to give anybody a quilt that smells like that!

Then I'll get started on the binding for the ra... opportunity quilt. Hopefully it didn't pick up the odor from the other quilt! I had them in a bag together. It's a full size quilt so it'll take me a few days to get it done.

I don't use a whip stitch to finish the back of my binding. I don't think it's very attractive or very sturdy. I use a hidden stitch that has as much stitch in the binding as in the back of the quilt and is completely hidden.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Tax Lady rant

I do taxes. I actually like doing taxes until the 14th of April. The 15th you get all sorts of people with the look of panic in their eyes. Most of them just have wage income on a W-2 and no deductions. Those I'll do and get them done in 30 to 45 minutes.

But there's always one. This one brings a bag of receipts to the Wal-mart kiosk at 4pm on the 15th. She says she just has a couple of deductions and her house. I question what deductions and she says her car and cell phone because she uses them for work. So does everybody else, no deduction. Then she claims everybody she works with deducts theirs. So I ask what she does and she tells me she's a patrol officer. Mmmm, right. I told her I'd have to research those two items and get back to her. Then I look at the house stuff. She doesn't even have the damn form the bank sends. All she has is the last two statements from this year. I'm not going to guess how much interest or property taxes she paid last year and told her she had to go get that information.

Then there was the truck driver. He didn't piss and moan nearly as much as the patrol officer. I told him his return would just take too much time to do and I had several people waiting in line. I told him to go to the office and make an appointment for the next week.

Why in the hell would you wait until the last damn minute if you don't even know what you need? Wouldn't it make sense to find out at least a few days before the deadline?

Poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine. I refuse to be sympathetic to anyone that can't get their shit together in 3 1/2 months time. Or even care a little bit.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Question of Time

I love the way this quilt turned out!! I can't wait to get it quilted!! Too bad my quilter is booking clear into November!! The close ups are truer to the right colors. The border fabric has all sorts of interesting quotes about time and several of the stars have clock faces in the center.

grandson's quilt

I wouldn't call this quilt pretty. It turned out really, really neat though. Now all I need to do is find John Deere green and yellow thread to quilt it with! LOL

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Feathered Star

I made my first ever feathered star block yesterday. This one is just over 19 inches square. I think it turned out really nice. It's for the Galaxy Quest quilt. I'm not sure I've settled on a name for that quilt yet. I'm working on getting the sashing on all the other blocks so I can get started setting it together.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

April Showers

We could really use some April showers! It's getting pretty dry around here.
But I did get the April Showers BOM wall hanging done. I like the way it turned out.

Then I also got a hanger done. I've been putting triangles in the top corners of each of these wall hangings so I could use a dowel rod and hang them from a nail anywhere and not have to install any special hardware to hang them. As you can see I still need to get the binding done!

I also got my grandson's quilt set together and most of the borders done. I still have top and bottom borders to do. It's going to require cornerstones though and I didn't have that fabric with me.

I have also been working on the "Time has Come Today" quilt. The pattern is the Galaxy Quest BOM. I really, really don't like blue so I hunted thru my stash and found a really cool clock faces fabric, a time quote fabric and enough tans, browns and blacks for the block and a neat fabric for the background. I have two blocks left to put together and then I can set that one together too.