Sunday, August 17, 2008

settling in

We got to actually move to the house the 8th. The a/c was the final thing that had to be done and he finally got it done that afternoon.

Since then it's been one giant puzzle. Remember those slider puzzles we had as kids? The ones where you had to slide several squares half a dozen directions to get one square where you wanted and then you had to slide that square plus all the rest to get the next one in place? Like that only worse. Thank heaven for self storage units!! We gave up and took a lot of non essential stuff and put it in storage for now.

We need to do some more shuffling on monday when son 1 will be here. There was a fairly large cupboard next to where the fridge goes but with my fridge the cupboard would stick out from the corner into the hall 2 to 3 inches so we decided to take it out and put it in storage. I really wanted my upright freezer here in the house too. Well, that's not going to work. We have to put the freezer in storage and bring the cupboard back so there's room just to get everything put away in the kitchen. We also need to move the hutch. It has to sit in the living room and it's on the wrong side of the living room right now.

And the sewing room isn't as big as my last one. I must have measured wrong. It's actually smaller and it's shaped different. Good thing there's a really big closet in the master that can be used for storage! I may get this room unwrecked in another month!! It's the worst puzzle of all. There is a huge stack of boxes in front of the credenza* and half the stuff in the boxes goes in the credenza. I am going to go thru this stuff and be more selective about what gets put away and what gets tossed or freecycled. I don't think anyone actually needs all this stuff!!

*short for "big ass piece of really heavy ancient motel furniture."

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

trapped in a motel

The whole move has been one giant cluster f***. They set the house on the lot last monday. I finally got electricity yesterday. I STILL don't have water. The town was out of meters!! How the hell do you not have at least one damn water meter????