Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Girl and bag

She posted to my facebook "this bag ROCKS!" LOL
The bag is supposed to be a quilt carrier. I made one for myself and she saw it and wanted one really bad. She travels several times a year between mother and father's houses so she will definitely use it!
It took forever to get to the store with home dec fabric to pick fabric for her. Her favorite color is yellow and she loved the black and white fabric.
I modified the design of the bag some and added pockets inside and out to each end and one on the outside side and one on the inside side.
She was in a school play not long ago and dyed her hair dark brown because Cleopatra doesn't have strawberry blond hair. People would kill for her hair color and she dyes it brown.

the end…

Of the Census job was yesterday.  Yay!  All that nice money coming the next three weeks is going to buy me the Janome 6600, the Tutu rolling machine bag and a Martelli cutting mat.  Plus a whole lot of fabrics!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Where the deer...

And the antelope...

and the camels play??

I've been working for the Census Bureau and have done a lot of driving recently. There's an irrigated circle north of town that has a pair of camels, a pair of llamas and a pair of buffalo along with several horses. The antelope are pretty thick in some areas I drive thru and you see them in broad daylight.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

new blog thing

I discovered this new blog writing thing today. It should make posts a whole lot easier to do. Go here and get it… Windows Live Writer

Stupid thing won't work. Fine.