Tuesday, December 9, 2014

some of this - some of that

I finally got moved in the middle of November.  It took forever for the manager to get the new apartment ready!!  This was the easiest move I've ever made!!  I moved by shopping cart and sliders.  There were only a couple of things that really had to be carried.  The sewing room is already mostly unwrecked.  I got the November pencil series wall hanging done and then I decided I didn't like the December one so I made a different one for December.

I finally got my divorce filed in October.  I should be final any day now.  My decree is in the judges box to be signed.  When it's final I'll get the stuff to make carrot cake to take to the office.

I started doing laps around the building.  It's four flights up and four flights down with a long hall between each staircase.  I'm up to two laps at a time and I am doing laps twice a day now.  I can definitely feel it.  My first goal is to get below 160 and stay there.  My weight bounces up and down by 3 to 4 pounds though so it'll take a while to stay below that weight.  Right now I'm pretty much staying below 164.  I was right at 168 at the end of October.  But more than just my weight the laps will improve my blood sugar, blood pressure, and hopefully my cholesterol.  I did lose some weight over the last year too.  I think I was right at 178 when I started my job last October.

Friday, August 8, 2014

I get a sewing room back!!

I'm really excited.  There's a two bedroom apartment available in my building.  It's just down the hall.  I have some friends that will help and there are 5 shopping carts in the building and I have a ton of sliders.  It'll probably take a couple of days but it'll be real fast and easy to do at least.

I'm also going to move the houseplants that are on a third floor landing down to the second floor.  The lady that waters them isn't getting around very well these days and is having a problem carrying water up to the plants.  I'll get them moved and then one by one I'll get them repotted.

I have three new wall hangings designed, two in the pencil series and one more in the large seasonal wall hangings.  I have made June, and August and finished September wall hangings in the pencil series just since Memorial day.  I managed to get May's done in time to hang at the beginning of the month.  The happy birthday wall hanging debuts on Monday.  It took me longer than I wanted to get it done.  Everyone is really looking forward to seeing it on Monday.  Each person gets to hang it at their cube/desk on their birthday.

One of these days I'll figure out the Picasa thing again and post some pics of the new wall hangings.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Living alone

The longer I live by myself the more I like it.  I eat what I want when I want.  Nobody to object if I'm too tired after work to cook anything and just have a bowl of cereal and call it good.  Nobody else's messes to clean up after.  If something is a mess, it's my mess.  When I put something somewhere, it stays there.  Plus this place is small so I have to shuffle things around when I want to sew.  There's nobody here to bitch about having to move the ironing board to use the bathroom.  Ahhhhhhhhh.  I don't know why I waited this long to dump his sorry ass.

I'm about ready to quilt the June pencil series wall hanging.  I think it turned out really cute.  I used the tree, gone fishing sign and the fish from the original and just made a lot more fish.  I need to get it quilted this evening after it cools off a bit so I can do the binding tomorrow.

I'll try and get pics of the May wall hangings when I bring it home and get them posted soon.  It's been so long since I signed in to my Picasa album I'm not sure I'll remember the password though.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

I sewed! I sewed!!!

Yay!!  I finally have things arranged enough to use my sewing machine.  I made the background for the May pencil series wall hanging.  I'll get the applique and quilting done this weekend.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Rocks in my head

The rocks in my head are loose and making me dizzy.  I turn over in bed and lose my balance.    Actually it's the calcium crystals in my inner ear.  Anyway, I said something to my supervisor today and she said her hubby has the same thing and she told me about some exercises to do to make it go away.  I'll try it and hopefully it'll help.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Gramma workin?

I'm sooooooooooooooo looking forward to the end of tax season.  Since the first of January I've worked any where from 55 to 67 hours a week.  I had one day off in February.  On the plus side I've treated myself to two new watches.  One super nice watch from a jewelry store and one Fossil from Amazon.  I'll get tires and a new chair in the next month or so.

I haven't sewn a thing since last fall. I'm saving my vacation time for the guild retreat this fall. If I have enough time built up I may take the whole week.

On the plus sides I don't see the ex hubby all that much right now.  He has finally started giving me more space.  He was here almost every single night after I got off work for at least two or three months.  I have no idea what he's doing.  From what I can tell he lives in his car and hangs around a convenience store all the time.

I also haven't heard from my ex "bff" since I moved my stuff out of storage in Denver in November.  You'd think that after emailing someone continuously for that many years you'd miss them.  I actually don't miss her though.  I thought I would but I don't.

I'm also looking forward to having the time to finish getting my apartment in order.  There are still things that I need to go thru and rearrange but for the most part I have the time and energy to get my laundry done and I'm done.

Oh and I've lost a good 10 pounds since I started working in October.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Well that's a lot of water...

Sooooooooooo much has happened since the last time I posted to this blog!!

I moved to Denver to stay with my "bff."  I had been friends with her for over 30 years.  I was there just short of 2 months.  A whole lot of crazy happened in those two months and at the end we ended our friendship.  Well, I should say she ended it and I didn't object.  I would have remained cordial with her if she had wanted to stay in contact but I would have never stayed at her house again or visited in person again.

She paid for the U-Haul truck and we discussed for about 2 months the things I should bring to her house.  While we were unloading the truck into storage I was sorting things out to go to her house but after looking at the available space half of what I sorted out went into storage.  I was supposed to set up a "creative" space in her den.  After I got the things that I needed to set up a sewing space in her den it was so full there wasn't room to create a damn thing.  So part of that went back to storage too.

At the end she said I disrespected her house.  From the beginning I never felt welcomed to her home.  She had stayed at my house three times in the previous two years for a month at a time and I did my best to make sure she was comfortable and had everything she needed.

So after I left her house I went to my mother's for about a month and a half.  Gawd she's a pain in the ass.

While I was at my mother's I started tax class where I used to live.  It's about an hour and a half between the two towns and the classes were twice a week on tuesday and thursdays so I stayed with a friend on tuesday and wednesday nights and then went back to my mom's right after class on thursday nights.  During that time I was job hunting and had interviews for several jobs and finally got hired.  After I got a full time job I moved from my mother's to another friends house until I could find a place to live.

I finally got approved for an apartment in "senior" housing and went back to Denver and moved all of my stuff out of storage there.  Most of my things are still in storage but at least it's just across town instead of in another state.  (I'm pretty sure I'm the youngest person in the building.  I think everybody else is over 65 and retired.)

This apartment is really small though and I don't have room for much of my sewing stuff.  I'll get the machine I use the most from my girlfriends house and find places for the things I use the most and the rest will just have to stay in storage for now.