Monday, May 11, 2009

a quilt show! plus! bonus!

I went to the quilt show in Denver a week ago. Oh my!! Loads of totally cool quilts and awesome work! I fogot my camera so you'll just have to take my word. One of the coolest quilts was a Judge's Choice winner. It was called "Bouncing Bubbles." It was the simplest "turning 20" type of pattern done in vibrant colors. It was what she did with the quilting and embellishing that made it a real stand out. As suggested by the name the quilting was circles. There were about three sizes of circles over the quilt and she did something different in each circle and then embellished with hot fuse crystals and beads. Oh so cool! I suppose I should also tell you about the best of show. It was an appliqued scene of a bridge over a stream with trees and rocks and such. What made it so outstanding was the size of the applique pieces and the style it was done in. Most of the pieces were about half the size of a regular postage stamp and they were irregular in shape then they were individually raw edge appliqued and it was multi layered to give it tons of depth. Plus she got the perspective exactly right and her water was flat.

Plus! Bonus! I got to hang with my bff. She really is a bff. (that's a best friend forever for all you non texters)

We've been thru a wide range of crafting and needlework together over the years. I finally settled on quilts and she's gone off in a whole new direction building doll houses. Or rather miniature houses. They're soooooo cool!! It's a good thing too, her macrame always looked like something the cat hacked up and her crochet squares always ended up sort of triangular. Her doll houses are perfect though and she does "dressed beds" that are just to die for gorgeous! She adds silk embroidery pillows to some of the beds for a real special touch.

I have one of her earliest doll houses. It's called the Lilly. She "bashed" it for me and turned it into a New Orleans French Quarter style house. Bashing means she changed it from it's original style. Originally the balcony was just a roof and it didn't have French doors and it didn't have that ultra cool back screen door. My Lilly lives in the middle 1930s.

I brought home another doll house. This one is the Laurel and it's done in a midwest farm house style. It's going to live in the middle 1950s. You can check out some of her work on her blog. It's over there ----> in the blog list, Deb's minis. She's done some seriously cool work.