Monday, April 18, 2011


Hubby said he knew it was time to stop for the night when the cat started pacing the dash. We loaded the trucks and headed this way on Saturday. We stayed in a hotel about an hour from here. It was already 2:30am when we checked into the hotel so it was definitely time to rest for the day.

Good thing it comes off the trucks faster than it goes on! We unloaded the small truck Sunday and part of the big one and then finished unloading the big one Monday.

I really have to pace myself with all the unpacking or I'll be in a world of hurt. Since my girlfriend came with us we're getting a lot more done than I would by myself but we still have to limit ourselves on how much we do every day.

We've made a whole lot of progress over the last week even with pacing ourselves. The kitchen is mostly unpacked and in order. The sewing room is well underway.

Every wall in this house needs painted. The ones that aren't an ugly color are grungy. The previous owner had a day care and they had several dogs. The kitchen is currently painted in what can only be described as ketchup and mustard. It has one fairly bright red wall and the other walls are a dark yellow. The guest bedroom is currently painted blue with a dark navy blue wall. The master bedroom is... well... just ugly. I'm not even sure what you'd call that color.

So far hubby has painted the front living room a really nice medium olive green. The sewing room is now a nice sunny yellow and two walls in the family room downstairs have been painted a deep orange. The guest room and master bedroom will get painted a light sage green. The kitchen is going to be a pale orange behind the cabinets and the rest of the room will be a pale tan. The upstairs bathroom will be a light lavender.