Saturday, September 25, 2010


I think I'm just going to name this quilt "Time". It's a little smaller than queen size but I hadn't planned on putting this one on my bed anyway. It will probably go on a full size guest bed eventually. The block closeups were taken before the quilt was even put together. Several of the other blocks also have clock faces in the centers.

Friday, September 17, 2010

things change

And then they change again.

Hubby quit the job he got here. It was the worst job ever. From the time he started work until the day he quit he had 1 day off. He worked almost exactly two months. Not only was he not getting days off he was working 12 hour shifts most of the time. In the week right before he quit he worked 9 days of 12 hour shifts in a row, had one 8 hour day and had to go back to 12 hour days because they fired a supervisor. He quit the next day.

Just a couple of days after he quit he got a phone call to apply for a job. He was recommended for the job by his old supervisor in Guymon. It's in another state of course. We both went and he had a really good interview. We'll find out if he has that job at the end of next week. I think he'll probably get it because of the high recommendation of his old boss.

I went to a retreat last week and got several things done. I got the binding on the Time quilt, all three of the "Memorial to a Bridesmaid Dress" wall hangings ready to quilt, another giant bag for Girl made and a whole stack of blocks made for the pink/yellow/orange quilt.

I finished hand stitching the binding on the Time quilt last night. I'll post pictures of it in a day or two. I'm still not positive what its name is going to be. I like either "A Question of Time" or "Galaxy of Time."