Tuesday, March 25, 2008

grandson's quilt

Since I'm stuck at Wal-Mart in the H&R Block kiosk with tons of time on my hands and a computer in front of me I'll tell you about the quilt I'm making for my grandson. The pattern is a modified disappearing nine patch. To make a disappearing nine patch you make a nine patch and then cut the block thru the center into quarters and then turn the quarters. I decided I'd like the squares in the finished block to be the same size and I thought making a block and then cutting and resewing it too time consuming. So I drew the block out on my graph paper and figured out the new measurments and strip pieced it.

I have a day off tomorrow so I should be able to finish all the blocks for his quilt and maybe even get started setting them together. The focus fabric is a John Deere tractor print. The "coordinating" fabrics don't coordinate really. They're to look like fields. There's a tan print that from a distance could look like ripe wheat or maybe summer fallow. The green print could be any thing growing in a field. The backing is a medium scale wheat print I found at a good discount on thousandsofbolts.com. I haven't decided yet what I'm going to do for the borders. I'm kind of leaning towards some kind of pieced border but I haven't gotten that far yet. The quilt will tell me what it needs when I get that far.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

stuff I'm working on

Right now I'm working on a twin size quilt for my grandson, a twin size quilt for a great niece, and two block of the months.

The grandson's quilt is a variation of the disappearing 9 patch. The great niece's quilt is a square in a square with sashing. One block of the month is thru the lqs and is the butterfly garden. The other bom is thru the guild and it's the "Year in a Snap" monthly wall hangings.

January's wall hanging. I put triangles in the top two corners and I'm going to use dowels with ribbons so I can hang them anywhere from just a nail. I'll post a pic of that when I get one made.

February's wall hanging.

I'm really happy with the way this one turned out. The original used grays instead of the white and I just don't think it was as pretty. I also changed the bird to blue.

And March's wall hanging.
The original used fabric bows but I thought
they were too fussy and a huge pain to make
so I just used ribbon and I left my kite tail strings loose.