Sunday, September 21, 2008

the continuing M. Problem story

Madam Problem has officially quit the guild. She didn't pay her membership and didn't attend the retreat. She did post to an email group we're both on about how she'd gotten emails and a phone call about how she was missed at the retreat. Yeah, right. Nobody was happy with the project kits she got. She spent a little over 900 bucks and the kits were short on background and backing fabrics. There were only three or four people that even said they were going to do the project. Most of the rest said it was too complicated. I know she knows the skill levels of most of the guild members and I think she picked the pattern just out of spite.

The email group we're both on is planning a retreat and Madam Problem was trying to get them to have it in March since she thinks I would be less likely to be able to attend since I do taxes. She couldn't get anybody else to go along with her since there is at least one other lady in the group that does taxes and the place they have the retreat isn't open to the public until after March 31st. I guess that means she'll just have to put up with me.

She quit talking to me after I emailed her and told her all guild purchases have to be on a receipt by themselves. She's furious she can't bill the shipping for her purchases to the guild. Too bad, so sad.

To be honest, I don't really want to even be associated with someone that thinks the rules don't apply to them. The guild is not there to enhance her budget or to boost her ego. Several of the original guild members are sick of M. Problem's "it's all about me" attitude and don't wish to see her back unless there's a drastic change.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Progress has been slow but fairly steady. The sewing room is mostly unwrecked now. I can actually sew in here. I bought 3 of the plastic storage drawer carts and put them and the little brown dresser in the closet. I bought another dresser for the fat quarters and it's way bigger than the little brown one so there's tons more room for fat quarters.

I went to a retreat over last weekend and got caught up on the Butterfly Kisses and Decadent Victorian block of the month. I need border fabric and instructions for the Butterfly Kissses and I can put them both together.

I'm still behind on the wall hanging of the month though and several other things. I'll just have to stay behind for another couple of weeks though since the inlaws will be here sunday.