Saturday, April 24, 2010

quilt preview

This quilt is going to be soooooooooo cool. The blocks are just laid together so you can kind of see how it's going to look. These particular blocks may or may not end up together in the finished quilt. I think the most blocks of any fabric combination is 4. Most are either 2 or 3 blocks of one fabric combination.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

room improvements

You wouldn't think adding two more pieces of furniture to a small room would give you more space but it did. The dresser in this picture is the ironing center. My big board ironing board fits on top of the dresser but it's too low. The weather hasn't cooperated so we can get the riser built for the top yet. It's tough to cut MDF outside in 30 mph winds. It still has a few things parked on it that I need to find homes for. Oh, and if you look at the bottom left of the dresser in that space you'll see my cat. That's her spot now. At some point in time I'm going to paint this dresser. I think I'll go ahead and look for different drawer pulls. It's Early American style and it's the one style that I really don't like. A paint job and new drawer pulls will make a big difference though.

The blue dresser is going to be the cutting table. It has a piece of plywood on the top now but I think when we have time we're going to go to the big lumber yard and get a piece of counter top for it. The space between the cutting center and the credenza is perfect for bagged batting and "ladies in waiting." The two big red bags have quilts that are waiting for binding. The ruler racks and all the rulers have been moved over on to the credenza in front of the bookcase.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

this room is a wreck

This end is where the computer and tv are. The bookcase to the left of the tv did have full size bolts of fabric but I rewound them onto the half size coroplast boards and they're all in the bookcase in my bedroom.

I'm getting some new dressers on monday. One of them is the long, low style and it's going to become the new ironing center. I have a big board that sits on top of the regular board so it'll just sit on top of the new dresser right in front of the window where the ironing board is now. I have plastic over those windows because they're so drafty so I don't need to get to them to open them.

Then we have this end. I'm going to take out that cutting table next to the tall cupboard. I'm going to move that blue metal dresser over where the cutting table is and get a new top made to put over it to turn it into a cutting table. Right now it has fat quarters in it. After I get it moved over to where the cutting table is it'll hold batting in the two big drawers and odds and ends in the skinny top drawer. The other dresser I'm getting on monday will go where the blue one is now and the fat quarters will go in it. I don't know if it's going to be big enough to hold all the stuff that is on top of the blue dresser now. If not the wicker basket organizer will fit in the bookcase next to the tv.
This is a pic looking into the room from the door. This really isn't that big of a room and there's a LOT of stuff in here! And here I am going to add two more pieces of furniture! The cutting table is going to go to storage for now. I know I won't live in this house forever so I may be able to use it in the next sewing room.