Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Silence descends!

Boy did it ever!!  My BFF was here all month.  We had a great time! 

Then Son 1 and his family and my mother came for a "pre-Thanksgiving" dinner since he had to work on T-D.  My youngest granddaughter will be 1 tomorrow and is just the cutest and goofiest thing ever!

Then the next week on Tuesday I went and picked up DGD #2 and her dad came on Wednesday.  Then for T-D my hubby's best friend, his wife and 3 kids plus my mom came for dinner.  I think I outdid my self this year and reached turkey gravy nirvana.

I took my BFF home yesterday and hubby is off at his second job and the house is totally silent again.  I mean like clock ticking, I hear the cat snoring silent.  LOL!

In quilty news, I am suddenly the chairman of a quilt show at our local arts center.  I volunteered to "help" and now I'm in charge.  The chairman's husband has several medical issues and she quit.  She gave me notice 2 whole hours before the board meeting.  Wasn't that sweet??  I still don't have any of her notes.  Hopefully I can get them before the guild meeting next tuesday.  If she had let me know right after the guild meeting at the first of November when she also didn't show up I could have had several things done and had more info for the board meeting.  I guess I'll spend the next few days playing catch up!