Sunday, February 6, 2011

I get to buy a house! I get to buy a house!!

We actually get to buy a house!! I'm so excited!

I wasn't finding anything for rent so I called one of the realtors there and asked if they had rentals and she said "why don't you call the mortgage guy and see if you qualify." Uhhhhhh, okay. 10 minutes later we were pre-qualified for a mortgage!!

So a couple of weeks ago I went down there and hubby and I spent two days looking at houses. We found two that we really liked that are big enough etc. We put a bid in on our favorite one. That was on Monday and by Friday we still didn't know if they were going to accept our offer or not or what they were going to do. So I had the realtor withdraw our offer on that house and we put in an offer on the second house. I think we have all the details ironed on that offer and we should go into "under contract" before long. The closing is April 1st.

It's a nice size house. The listing says it's 5 bedroom but one of the bedrooms is barely big enough for a day bed so it's really more of a storage room they finished. We'll probably turn it into a small exercise room. Otherwise it's 2 bedrooms up and 2 down and 2 bathrooms up and 1 down. It doesn't really have a dining room so we're going to turn the living room into a dining room/library/sitting room. It's separate from the rest of the house so it can be a more formal space and then we'll put the actual living room downstairs in the family room. The sewing room will go downstairs too. The second bedroom upstairs will be an actual guest bedroom.
This means we should stay put for a good long while. After I get the sewing room together I won't have to move for years and years so I can actually get caught up on everything!!! I'm really excited about that part.