Sunday, November 23, 2008


You ever get a pattern that is totally goofed up? This a really cool quilt but the pattern is hopeless. The first one turned out really pretty but I thought it was too narrow and a bit too long. It has two blocks, a corner block and a straight block. The corner block had a whole bunch of unnecessary pieces so I redrafted it. Then they wanted you to make a jillion strip sets for the straight block, cut it into blocks and then sew it back together. I skipped the cutting it into blocks and sewing back together part. For the second one I redrafted the corner block again to make it larger but keep even cutting measurments and I refigured the size of the whole thing so it'll come out wider and a little shorter. By the time I get done fixing theirs I could have just done my own pattern!
The next quilt made from this pattern is going to be blue, gray, lime green and black. I know, it doesn't sound all that pretty but the fabrics are just gorgeous together and they go with the recipient's room perfectly.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

fabric folding...

Is almost as good as actually sewing. I have a cupboard that most of my stash goes in. It was a huge jumbled up mess after moving and I'm just now getting around to organizing it. I'm refolding most of the fabrics so they fit in the shelves better. I still have the bottom two stacks to take out and refold. I'm trying to refold it so it doesn't take up as much space height wise so I can get more in it.

After I get the cupboard done I'll start on the fat quarter dresser. I got a bigger dresser for fqs and when I moved the fabric over I just stuck it in the drawers so it needs resorted by color.
I'm hoping to work on the Posh quilt later today. I have the blocks with the pink squares sewn into halves. I just need to sew the halves together and it'll be ready to lay out and set together.

Monday, November 10, 2008

back to work day

I went back to work today. I was only there 3 hours. We have tomorrow off and then go in at 10 on wednesday. It'll probably be 10 to 6 the rest of this week. We start doing the advance loans on the 19th.