Wednesday, December 8, 2010

two baby quilts so far

This is the two quilts together.

This one is for the son of my first cousin's daughter. She helped me move this last summer and this is a "thank you for letting me borrow mommy" gift. The colors in this one are red, blue, green and deep plums. The background has teeny little stars in similar colors but they don't match exactly.

This quilt is for my newest granddaughter born the 1st. The fabrics don't want to photograph true in this one. It's peach, lavender, yellow and pink. The background is a really, really pretty pale gray.

Monday, December 6, 2010

it's a done deal

We're going back. Sort of. Hubby is going back to his old job but we're not going to live in Oklahoma.

He'll be going back probably this week or the first of next week to start work.

Some sudden changes. We're going to find hubby a cheap apartment and he's going to live there until I can move in June. We're locked into a lease on this house and there's just no way we can afford to pay this lease and pay for another place to live. So I'll stay until the lease is up.