Sunday, November 23, 2008


You ever get a pattern that is totally goofed up? This a really cool quilt but the pattern is hopeless. The first one turned out really pretty but I thought it was too narrow and a bit too long. It has two blocks, a corner block and a straight block. The corner block had a whole bunch of unnecessary pieces so I redrafted it. Then they wanted you to make a jillion strip sets for the straight block, cut it into blocks and then sew it back together. I skipped the cutting it into blocks and sewing back together part. For the second one I redrafted the corner block again to make it larger but keep even cutting measurments and I refigured the size of the whole thing so it'll come out wider and a little shorter. By the time I get done fixing theirs I could have just done my own pattern!
The next quilt made from this pattern is going to be blue, gray, lime green and black. I know, it doesn't sound all that pretty but the fabrics are just gorgeous together and they go with the recipient's room perfectly.

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JessicaSews said...

I clicked on the picture, Wow....such pretty fabric!
I love the quilt. And, I love "your" pattern!!

~ Jes