Thursday, February 26, 2009

What a difference a week makes!

What a difference a week can make!!

I went back to my old doctor on tuesday. It's just a little over an hour and a half drive so it's not really all that far to go see him. Plus if I schedule my appointments on the right days I can go to the quilt store. So anyway, I told him I was going to have to change docs because they weren't in my insurance network. He took me to the office and they're going to get in my insurance network so I don't have to change doctors!!!

Then wednesday I drove 3 hours one way to take the Census Bureau test so I can work for them this fall. I missed one question so I'll be at the top of the hire list. I mapped the route before I left and did both fastest and shortest routes and the time difference was only two minutes so I took one way over and the other way back home. I'm glad I went the way I did, I found a quilt store on the way home!! It's a great little store in Waynoka Oklahoma.

On tuesday I got the first two sections of the block of the month and then wednesday's shopping got me 7 peach and pink fat quarters, 2 yards of the palest pink fairy frost, 4 yards of a purple swirly fabric, a fat quarter table runner pattern and a kit and pattern for a really cool heart shaped pop up sewing case.

The end to this week is going to be great. Hubby and I are going to Amarillo saturday to celebrate our unaversary. That's an anniversary on years there's no 29th.

Ahhhhhhhhh, much better now!!


everythingquilts said...

Sounds like things are definitely going better. In fact it really seems like it all turned out for the best. Congratulations on the test scores. Looks like you got rewarded with a great find. I'm glad all that ended with a happy note.

Holee said...

Glad to hear you're on an up beat note! It just seems like one bad thing brings on others.

Lets hope all the good things that happened this week bring on lots more good things!

JessicaSews said...

That's really good news. Kudos to the doctor that took care of your insurance. And, nothing like finding a quilt store nearby!

Happy Anniversary to you and DH!

Look forward to seeing pictures of the pretty fabric, sounds like soothing colors.