Thursday, February 4, 2010

candy corn and fall leaves

The first picture is a close up of the bird on "Candy Corn." "Candy Corn" is the October wall hanging in the "Year in a Snap" series. He still needs the bead sewn on for his eye.

This is the picture of the whole wall hanging "Candy Corn." I need to stitch the binding down to the back and it'll be totally done.

This is the close up of the scarecrow on "Fall Leaves" the November wall hanging. I need to add his face!

A pic of the whole wall hanging "Fall Leaves." I need to stitch the binding down on the back of it too.


debsminis said...

By now I should be used to your eye for color and pattern but it always amazes me. You used the perfect fabrics to bring depth and texture to every piece. It's fabulous!

JessicaSews said...

I like! I've already picked out favorites in the pieces, the black bird, the pie, the leaves, the pumpkins, the scarecrow!!
I agree, the fabrics that you are using are great!
I'll watch for a scarecrow update!