Wednesday, December 8, 2010

two baby quilts so far

This is the two quilts together.

This one is for the son of my first cousin's daughter. She helped me move this last summer and this is a "thank you for letting me borrow mommy" gift. The colors in this one are red, blue, green and deep plums. The background has teeny little stars in similar colors but they don't match exactly.

This quilt is for my newest granddaughter born the 1st. The fabrics don't want to photograph true in this one. It's peach, lavender, yellow and pink. The background is a really, really pretty pale gray.


Quiet Quilter said...

Love pinwheels!

Mary said...

Gorgeous quilts! I plan to make some "pretties" this winter. Spent all summer recovering from surgery and making quilts for charities, did not feel like precision cutting/oiecing after 4 trips to the hospital and two surgeries with nasty complications. Just beginning to get my strength back. Hope mine are half as nice as yours! Okie pastor on the quilting board...

JessicaSews said...

They are both pretty!!

Me aka Supermom said...

I had someone email me wondering the name of the BOM that I longarm quilted for you last spring. Do you know it?


Ivani said...

very well done. Love the red, blue and green one.
hugs from Brazil