Monday, May 21, 2012

Those jelly roll quilts

I'm sure you've seen them.  You sew a whole jelly roll end to end and then grab the two ends and sew them lengthwise.  They're kinda boring.  Just a buncha strips sewn together.  The only variations are sewing the strips together with bias seams or straight seams and maybe adding a square between the strips when you use the straight seams.

But I had a black and white jelly roll.

So I jazzed it up.

I'll add a very narrow border of orange.  Then I'm going to have to hunt for border fabric.  The black and white I have is more off white and just doesn't work.


Carla said...

I love this. Beautiful. I'm your newest follower from Quilt Boggers.
Carla He ton.

sarah in brooklyn said...

Can you explain this? you sew one long strip with all the jelly roll pieces? i can't figure it out!

old hippy chick said...

Sarah, they're really pretty easy quilts to make. You sew the strips end to end to make one super long strip. Then you grab the two ends and start sewing them together length wise. When you get them sewn together length wise the first time you cut the at the end and then do it again. I think it takes five times to get them to the right size.