Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Madam Problem makes a total ass of herself

I am just stunned at what she said at the retreat. One of the women in the group is African-American. She's a terrific person. M. Problem was sitting at the same table as Jessica along with 5 other people. Jessica had a heart attack earlier this year and had gotten several get well cards from her friends. One of them had a picture of Michelle Obama on it. M. Problem says "what's this doing in here?" Jessica says "it's a get well card" Then M. Problems says "Michelle Obama is butt ugly." I didn't hear what was said back to her after that comment but then she also added "those people look like chimpanzies." Unbelievable!!! I am *very* impressed Jessica did not get up and rip her head off.

And that was just for starters. She carried on all weekend about her boobs. She had reduction surgery earlier this year so she wants to show off her new boobs to everyone. mmmmm, nobody gives a shit. She was pretty "in your face" about it too.

Plus she does this whole "lesbian" act all weekend making comments and rubbing on people when she hugs them. At least half the women at the retreat are 60+. Most of them find it really offensive. And I think if the rest of the women that were there stopped and really thought about it they'd find it offensive too since she's being very degrading towards anyone who is lesbian.

M. Problem thinks she's popular, funny and cute. She's none of that. She's offensive, loud, and obnoxious. She might be an attractive person but her personality makes her ugly. Makes me real happy she's still not speaking to me.

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