Sunday, June 28, 2009

Quilt class rebel

I belong to this big guild that only meets four times a year. The class in October is the Orion Star. The quilt shop owner here is giving the class. She wants everybody to purchase a $200.00 kit to take the class. But, the colors are UGLY. Or at least I think so. So I told her I would take the class but I want pink, yellow and orange. She said she would see if she could pull the fabric off the shelf in those colors. The off the shelf kit would include the backing fabric but it would still be $200. But. But. Even if I had to buy all the fat quarters at 2.50 that's still only 70 bucks and I know I can get quality backing fabric for a really reasonable price.

So, that means she's charging each person at least a $100 bucks for a class fee. I don't know about you all but that seems pretty excessive to me. Especially considering I took two classes from a national quilt teacher in April for $60 total for both classes. And this class is a sew on this line, cut on that line, remove paper class.

She called me back the other day because her store is never open and you have to call and make an appointment to shop there. When I called I didn't get an answer and I'm not driving all the way over there if she's not going to be there. So, when she called me back I told her I had taken a look at the fabric in my stash and I would rather make the quilt from my fabric stash and for her to figure out how much to charge me for the pattern and the Thangles and a class charge. She said she thought she could do that. I'm not paying more than 40 bucks. I don't mind people making a profit but I think she's gouging people.

Then two days later at the other guild meeting she totally ignored me.

I pulled these from my stash. I need one more orange. I have a couple I can still choose from if I can't find one that goes in this range better. The fabric they're sitting on will be the main border and there's an orange and a pink that I have enough of for an inner border and the binding. I *know* she doesn't have near the selection in these colors in her store that I have right in my own stash.


debsminis said...

You are such a rebel. LOL! I love your choices much better because the colors are fabulous and the movements in the fabrics bring it all to life. This is going to be a gorgeous quilt.

The shop owner needs to be whacked upside the head with a ruler for being so greedy. There's something wrong with taking advantage of a guild like that.


everythingquilts said...

I totally agree, that's highway robbery. I love your fabric choices and $40 is about all I'd pay too. Gosh, she may not have anyone show up for that class at her price. I think she'd make more in the long run if she lowered the price because more would be apt to take the class if it wasn't so gosh darn expensive. Sounds like she is trying to dump a bunch of ugly fabrics on you'll she could sell. Doesn't look like her plan will work after all, LOL.

JessicaSews said...

Good for you, Sister-Friend!
I love the fabrics you've got!!

SusanKS said...

Rebel, hmmm? You're just a trouble maker, lol! I really like those fabrics and will be anxious to see how the quilt turns out.