Monday, June 22, 2009

scraps happen

And happen and happen and happen. I've got a three drawer cart crammed full of scraps. That's the biggest problem, it's crammed. Just any old way.

So my next project is to dump it all out and at least sort by color. That way when I look for the perfect yellow to make a sunflower I don't have to dig thru all three drawers! And then I'll quit just stuffing the scraps in there.

While I sort I'll cut 5 inch and 4 inch squares for a scrap quilt for a great niece. I make a square in a square block and they're sashed in black. I have one started for a great niece and then she had a baby sister so now I need two of them. These two will be #7 & #8 of these quilts I've made. Everybody keeps having girls. The one in the pic isn't as pink as the first few I made. I'll make sure I get more pink, yellow, orange and purple in the next two.

Oh and I have the August "Year in a Snap" block done finally! I may go ahead and get the rest of the blocks done before I quilt them since I have a month and a half to go before I need to have the August block ready to hang. Plus that gives me time to go thru the scrap bins. That way I can find what I'm looking for for the next 4 blocks.


JessicaSews said...

I love the look of this quilt!

Have fun with your scraps, I can just see a rainbow of color on your floor as you organize! Have fun!

Kathy said...

Thanks Jessica! This is one of my favorite quilts to do. They're easy to do and so vibrant in person.