Monday, May 31, 2010

one down, two to go!

The first one has all the borders on! It fought me about the last border. I originally bought a really nice Jenny Byer border print. Hated it. So then I pulled a really nice dark purple with a gold wave design overprinted. That one was only marginally okay. So I pulled at least three other prints out of my stash, no, no and no. Then I went to a quilt store 130 miles away and found a tan batik with a stylized shell design. It was better than anything else I had so I got enough to do borders. On the way there I realized that I'd be going past a really good size quilt store the next day so I took the wall hanging with me and found a great fabric for the border. I also decided to put the poly in the cornerstones since it pushes the border fabric to the lighter side and since it's a memorial to the bridesmaid dress it needed more of the fabric from the dress.

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