Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the thing I'll miss

The sky. As my hubby says "they have great dark here." That's because there isn't much here so not a lot of lights around. We can turn off the porch light and see the Milky Way from the front yard.

We can also see the lights from towns 10 miles away. During the day if you go out on the highway that runs past here you can actually see the buildings of one town 10 miles away. There's a wind farm down in Texas that we can see the very tops of the windmills during the day with binoculars and we see the red lights all blinking right down on the horizon at night. The wind farm is about 20 miles away.

There are no obstructions between us and the horizon for a full 360° so we see full sunrises, sunsets, moonrises and moonsets. I've seen some pretty awesome ones here. We've also seen some pretty wild looking storms.

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JessicaSews said...

Beautiful pictures.
The first picture, pretty, but you never know what those clouds are gonna do!
Enjoy the last of the Summer weekends!