Wednesday, July 7, 2010

the move

We picked up the truck and spent saturday loading. We quit when it got dark and by that time we had the majority loaded. Sunday morning we took the beds apart and gathered everything that was left in the house into boxes and loaded it up. We left Oklahoma by 2 in the afternoon.

We stopped in Lamar for supper and when we got to Limon we ran into a severe hail storm. The rain and hail were so heavy that all the traffic just stopped and waited it out. I couldn't see more than about 2 feet in front of the car. It just cracked the windshield and didn't break it out. It didn't crack any of the other glass. The adjuster was here this morning and said some the dents in the car are from bigger than baseball size hail. It's totaled. The pickup has 6K in body damage. None of its windows got cracked. We drove the rest of the way here in steady rain.

We unloaded the furniture from the back of the pickup as soon as we got here. The hail was so big and hard that it punched holes in the bottom of the love seat that was covered with a tarp in the back of the pickup. After we got every thing out of the pickup so it could dry out we unloaded mattresses and bedding off the U-Haul and fell down into bed.

Monday we got up and got the truck totally unloaded. We waited to turn it in because of the damage. Thank goodness I got the insurance!!! The insurance was $55 and the windshield alone would have been $446.00!! The whole roof of that truck will have to be replaced too.

We didn't get a whole lot done yesterday since we were all so tired. The girls and I have been working on unpacking boxes today.

I'd show you pictures of some of the hail damage but my camera battery is dead and I haven't found the charger yet.

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