Tuesday, November 23, 2010

the job situation

Hubby didn't get the job in Missouri. Not because somebody else got the job, because they took the posting down and didn't hire anybody. I think they found out the position was going to cost them a lot more than they thought and decided they could get along without a General Foreman. Oh well.

So hubby is still looking. Then today his old boss called. They really want him back. His old boss thinks they're going to have an opening before long. I told hubby we could go back there but I will NOT live where we did before. We can live just 37 miles away from the plant and be in Kansas and it's a world of difference. I might be willing to live 5 to 10 miles inside of Oklahoma so we don't have to do two state tax returns every year but it's going to have to be a great house!!

In quilty news I have one baby quilt ready to hand stitch the binding down on the back and the second and third ones are cut. I'm going to finish the third one next since that baby is due soonest. I won't get much done before Friday though. Tomorrow morning they're coming to rip up the bathroom floor and replace it because it's rotted and like stepping on a wet sponge. Then I have to go to the tax office and take a couple of hours of class and take the tests. I don't know that we'll be here thru tax season but if we are I want to have a job.

Then of course on Wednesday I'll start cooking for Thanksgiving. My BFF, her husband and my oldest son will be here for the holiday. I'll make the dough for dinner rolls, make a cheese ball, and do some veggie prep for Thursday.

Friday though there will be plenty of leftovers so I won't have to worry about feeding hubby and I refuse to do battle for consumer goods so I'll have the day to just sew and sew!!


JessicaSews said...

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! (Let's leave out the weather...miserable stuff)

I'll be watching for the move news.

The quilts have been wonderful to view! Your color combination is always a "wow"!

Hugs Hugs!

old hippy chick said...

Thanks Jessica! Wait until you see the baby quilt I have in the works now!