Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"Memorial to a Bridesmaid Dress"

Turned out totally gorgeous!
In March of 2007 my two sisters in law and I were forced against our will to wear bridesmaid dresses for our in laws vow renewal ceremony on a beach in North Carolina. I threatened at the time to turn mine into memorial pillows or something.
It turned out to be this wall hanging. The large star points and the outer border cornerstones are the bridesmaid dress fabric. It's a bitch to work with. If I hadn't bought that expensive steam iron at the quilt show in May I probably couldn't have made it work. That steam iron puts out some serious steam and made that stubbon poly crap behave. Those seams are FLAT!! Plus, bonus! I could also iron the silk and the cotton with that iron. The bluish fabric in the center and smaller star points is a really nice silk.
The binding is on the second one of them. I need to trim the third one and get the binding put on it. I needed to get these out of the way so I can get the baby quilts basted and quilted.


Quiet Quilter said...

You're right. It turned out really well. Love the colors and having it in a wall hanging means you don't have to wash it as often (if ever). Non cotton fabric is always difficult to work with.

Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

Beautiful job. I refuse to imagine what my in-laws would have me wearing should they ever come up with such a plan. This might be a good way to put some outgrown dresses to work.

Mom2three said...

I love this idea! I think most of the ones I had were more satin and would be a pain to work with. Glad you posted a picture! Maybe this will inspire some of us to get those dresses out of our closets and reuse them!