Tuesday, December 9, 2014

some of this - some of that

I finally got moved in the middle of November.  It took forever for the manager to get the new apartment ready!!  This was the easiest move I've ever made!!  I moved by shopping cart and sliders.  There were only a couple of things that really had to be carried.  The sewing room is already mostly unwrecked.  I got the November pencil series wall hanging done and then I decided I didn't like the December one so I made a different one for December.

I finally got my divorce filed in October.  I should be final any day now.  My decree is in the judges box to be signed.  When it's final I'll get the stuff to make carrot cake to take to the office.

I started doing laps around the building.  It's four flights up and four flights down with a long hall between each staircase.  I'm up to two laps at a time and I am doing laps twice a day now.  I can definitely feel it.  My first goal is to get below 160 and stay there.  My weight bounces up and down by 3 to 4 pounds though so it'll take a while to stay below that weight.  Right now I'm pretty much staying below 164.  I was right at 168 at the end of October.  But more than just my weight the laps will improve my blood sugar, blood pressure, and hopefully my cholesterol.  I did lose some weight over the last year too.  I think I was right at 178 when I started my job last October.

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