Saturday, June 18, 2011

back up and punt

I finally get back to working on the wall hanging.  I'm working on the border blocks now.  I have the centers done (13 pieces and they're barely 3 inches big) and I look at the next set of instructions for the blocks.  The designer, in her infinite wisdom, broke up all the cutting instructions into each section of instructions instead of having all the cutting instructions at the beginning and just the assembly instructions broken into the sections.  Uhhh, I have no fabric and the instructions call for 80 2.24 inch squares.  So I start hunting for the scraps.  And I hunt.  And hunt some more.  The only scraps I find are from the leaf fabrics.  I suspect I used up all the main fabrics since I don't find any scraps at all and I have the binding fabric in the Art Bin with the rest of it.  While I was hunting for the scraps I saw a purpley gray that works really, really well with what I already have.  I'll take apart some of the block spacer units and add in the new fabric there and take the parts I take out of the spacer units and use them for some of the block corners.  It should mix the new fabric in well enough that you won't be able to tell.

I'm thinking about calling this one "Such a Winter's Day."

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