Thursday, June 23, 2011


 I got some of the "snowflake" blocks made.  Hated them.  Snowflakes are six sided.  The blocks are 8 point stars.  Plus they do not line up in the centers.  Yes, my seams are consistent and pretty accurate.  So, I redesigned that part too.

It still bugged me there wasn't any of the added in fabric in the center so  decided to take that apart and add some in.  In the process I decided to take the dark purple out of the center and just use it as an accent strip between the center and the border.  In the pic I just have squares pinned over the dark purple ones to see how it would look.  Since I had to take it apart to take out the dark purple and add in the border fabric I also enlarged it by one square each way.  With as many leaves as I have I thought it would probably look scrunched into the center space.

I have top and bottom border to add today and then I can baste and do the basic quilting on it before I start the applique.

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