Monday, June 6, 2011

bye-bye ketchup

The people that lived here before us painted the entry/kitchen area a dark red and a dark gold.  The red really looks like ketchup.  Today hubby is priming it.


debsminis said...

Oh thank gawd! That was the most horrid color ever. Even primer looks better! I can't wait to see the entryway when it's done. The colors with the woodwork are going to be gorgeous!

JessicaSews said...

I'm still painting! Guess what? I sat down to look at all my "inspirational" paint booklets, and there it was, Martha Stewart's booklet! At one time, I was considering the sage greens, we went with an earthy instead... I did pick a pretty sage green liner for ALL the shelving (kitchen and bathroom).

I remember covering over a red wall. Yikes! Enjoy the new colors.