Monday, June 27, 2011


The first picture is the flowers and leaves just scattered out on the background in the general areas where they're going.  There will also be a cardinal on the lower right between the last two flowers.  In this photo it's just laying on the ironing center.  The brown line around in the center is the pearl cotton threads I'm going to use for the vine.  I had thought maybe about cutting it in pieces but I think it'll look better if it's one solid line with branches coming off of it.  The flowers will be solid enough after I get them backed with thin batting you won't be able to see the vine thru it but you'll still have the impression of the vine.

In the second picture I have the background almost quilted.  I still have to pull the thread ends from quilting the top and bottom borders to the back and quilt around the outside of the accent strip.  I really like the way these snowflakes look.  I need to make two more small ones for the left hand side.  The quilting in the borders is asymetrical, there are 3 lines on one side and 4 on the other side.  There are 10 lines of quilting in both the top and bottom borders.

Next I'll couch down the vine and start appliquing the leaves.  Tomorrow.  When my husband isn't home.

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Quiet Quilter said...

Really nice! You have a lot of patience..